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Mark & Rose Mowery

Nathanael, Brendon, Alex & Seth


Mark and rose mowery

Mark was saved as a senior in high school during a chapel service led by his soccer coach. Growing up, their church often had missionaries who would come and speak, telling of the work they were in and challenging them to go into missions. His family was involved in supporting missionaries in Alaska by helping with work projects. After he was saved he had the opportunity to work at several youth camps, which included the use of aviation to transport supplies and kids. This helped spark his interest in mission aviation. He felt God calling him into full-time Christian ministry over the next year, but got side tracked and walked away from the Lord for several years. When God brought him back to Himself, Mark still felt that God was calling him into missions.  God led him to Moody Bible Institute to pursue Missionary Aviation.

Rose was saved at the age of 5. Her dad lead her to the Lord after Sunday school. She grew up doing missions projects at church and listening to missionary speakers on a regular basis. During junior high and high school, a couple of her friends' families went to Brazil for a year to teach at an MK school.  God used their testimonies, His Word, along with the awareness of the needs around the world to give her a desire to serve Him full-time in missions.  She pursued a degree at Moody Bible Institute.

. . . and this is where God brought them together.  After they were married in 1997, they continued to pursue God's call into missions.  Mark completed Moody's flight and maintenance programs, graduating in 2001 and 2002. They headed to Alaska to see if this was where God would have them to serve. After spending about a year and a half there, God seemed to be closing that door for them. But, the same time He closed that door He opened another . . God led them to New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos 360) while Mark was on a short-term missions trip to PNG in 2004. God has gifted their family with the gift of Service and Encouragement, which are areas they desire to use to serve Him anywhere God places them.

They served with NTM both in Senegal, W. Africa and in Papua New Guinea from 2005-2013. However, they knew there was a reason that God had laid missions in Alaska on their hearts. HE has given them a passion to care for missionaries living in cross-cultural settings.  In 2013 they joined Arctic Barnabas Ministries, encouraging pastors and missionaries serving in the villages throughout Alaska and western Canada.  God used the things He taught them while living overseas to help encourage pastors and missionaries struggling with similar things.   During a time of transition for ABM, Mark and Rose felt God leading them away from ABM, yet they still had a passion for missionaries serving throughout Alaska and Canada.  In 2018 they joined Desert Streams Ministry and are based in Alaska, continuing to develop the relationships they have there, but also traveling overseas to encourage pastors and missionaries living cross-culturally.  They are excited to see this culmination of the journey God has led them on and using those experiences to help further the Gospel around the world.  We are thankful to have Mark as a vital part of the board, and appreciate the value that their family brings to the ministry of Desert Streams.


Zach & Kara Johnston

Zach and Kara were both born and raised in Alaska, Zach is a business owner in Soldotna and Kara is a stay at home wife and mom to their two kids. As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors exploring God’s beautiful creation. They are both passionate about serving the Lord and sharing the hope of the Gospel in their local church and community by discipling others through biblical counseling and through foster care. We are thankful to have Zach as a vital part of the board, and appreciate and value that they both bring to the ministry of Desert Streams.


Rich and Rhee Stables

Rich was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, and Rhee grew up in Alaska. They met while Rich was serving as a short term missionary at Solid Rock Bible Camp in Alaska. Three years later, they were married. Rich has worked in IT for 23 years. Rhee is one of the secretaries at Soldotna Bible Chapel. They have 2 married children, 3 granddaughters and a grandson - the joy of their lives! They love spending time outside enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Rich and Rhee love their Lord and strive to serve Him faithfully in their church and with family and friends. We are thankful to have Rich as a vital part of the board, and appreciate and value that they both bring to the ministry of Desert Streams.


Dan & Lisa Baeten

Dan and Lisa were both born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to Alaska in 1997.  Dan is a commercial fisherman and the safety supervisor for an oil spill response organization for the Cook Inlet region of Alaska.  Lisa is a homeschooling mom of seven.  Dan and Lisa have 4 married children, 3 children still at home, and 9 grandchildren.  They love doing things as a family, including many activities in the beautiful Alaskan outdoors.  It is the desire of each of their hearts to serve the Lord and glorify Him in all they do. We are thankful to have Dan as a vital part of the board, and appreciate and value what their family brings to the ministry of Desert Streams Ministry.